Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calling all dog lovers....

I am stealing my mom's post from
"Yes, that’s our sweet dog Ramsey. We have had him since February, and what a loveable fellow he is. Ramsey was just one day from being put down at a pound and was rescued by HoundHaven in Minneola, Florida. We had been stalking them and their dogs for quite some time, but didn’t find just the right dog for us…. until we met Ramsey.

Houndhaven is putting together a calendar for 2010 and they are holding voting for the dogs to be published. It’s a great fundraiser for a great group of people. It amazes me how many dogs they rescue and adopt out to just the right homes. I was overly impressed when we adopted Ramsey. So come on… give a vote. It’s easy, and only $1.00 and you can pay easily through paypal. Just go to I am partial the photo of Ramsey, but feel free to vote for any of the cuties on that page. Let’s help those kind people help the dogs!"

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