Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What can I say...I am addicted!

So recently, I have been keeping an eye on the blog "Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free". This blogger posts coupons for many things, as well as how to combine the coupons at the grocery store in order to save the most money! I have become completely addicted to FREE FOOD!! I can honestly say that I have never been able to purchase so much food for such a little price. My boyfriend thinks it is sort of crazy at first, but when he goes to pay that grocery bill at the checkout line, he feels good paying under ten dollars for a cart full of food. These coupons range from one dollar off baked lays, to buy one get one free cereals. It is so easy, this blogger will put together a list of what she bought at the grocery that day, which coupons she used, and where the coupons came from (Sunday's paper, coupons.com, smartsource.com, etc.) Below are a few items I got and the prices I paid for the entire order.
Publix Trip: $1.14
Target Trip: $4.34

Another Publix Trip: $7.23
If you are looking to eat cheap, visit her blog and it will help!

Monday, August 24, 2009

**PuppyDogsNPolkaDots - 1 Year Anniversary Sale**

PuppyDogsNPolkaDots one year anniversary of opening is coming up on August 28th. To celebrate this one year mark, there will be a sale going on now through September 1st. Anyone who purchases a Key Fob through my etsy store and "convos" me with the coupon code "Anniversary Sale" will receive FREE SHIPPING on **2** or more Key Fob Wrist Key Chains. If you are doing any early holiday shopping, now is the time to buy! Key Fobs make great stocking stuffers and gifts for coworkers. Buy 2, get free shipping, buy 10...still get free shipping! Hurry in to take great advantage of this sale!!

(You can also email me a @ CRay729@hotmail.com with any questions, and also to place an order. Shipping will be refunded through paypal after the purchase.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Just when my key fob business was picking up and I felt like I had the whole "money issue" under control, classes are starting next week. I just got back from the bookstore a little while ago. I was able to purchase one book online through amazon, but the rest had to be purchased through the local bookstore. Why must books be so expensive for college!?! I am taking 6 classes, 18 credits this semester. This leave me with paying for 9 different books. I don't understand how a used textbooks that are not even that large can cost over seventy dollars!

Anyway, enough about my books and school..

Onto the next important issue. Coming up in the week or so, my etsy store will have hit it's one year mark! How exciting. I can not believe it has been open a year already. Thank you to my great customers. I hope to keep this shop up and running for much longer. I am glad that etsy has given me the opportunity to create and sell my products. So, be on the lookout, in the next week I will be posting about my shops "1 year birthday sale". :)

Two Newbies/Favs

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recent Purchases From Etsy

Etsy has so many talented sellers, but I have to say currently these three are my favorites. I either bought these items, or received them as a gift for my birthday over the last month.

The Pup Cup and Pup Magnets are all by the same seller, TheLab. My mom purchased the three yellow lab magnets for me. As soon as I got them, I had to explore more items from the same shop. I found the Pup Cup and couldn't resist buying it! I love how it looks on my desk!!

This wooden ring made by MnMWoodworks. I wear a lot of brown and tan colored clothes and prefer the natural colors. I have never been much of a ring person but I saw wooden rings and really wanted one because they go with my wardrobe so well. I seared on etsy for a seller who would be able to create the perfect custom ring for me. This one is perfect!! This seller will create a ring in the size and color of your preference.

Months ago, I found this print by suzannaanna on etsy. I saved it in my favorites. I told my mom about it and she surprised me for my birthday by purchasing the print and having it custom framed at Hobby Lobby. I love it!! I really think it completes our bedroom. This seller has other great work available but this was my favorite! Enjoy browsing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What do you think?

I don't like to brag, but I have to say, this might be my favorite Key Fob that I have made so far! This was a scrap of "Deer Valley" fabric that my mom sent my way by Joel Dewberry. I saw a purse, "Deer Valley Sling Bag" that she made on listed on KeetaCollection that had this fabric in it, and wanted some of it! The only problem I have with this key fob is, keeping it put away. I keep thinking to myself, well I could use a new key fob! But then have to put it away and keep it for sale. LOL On a serious note, I have been working on my etsy shop to restock and fill the shop with many new fabrics from Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, and Jennifer Pagenelli. Off to list more key fobs!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mail Time! What a Great Surprise!

Jennifer Paganelli Fabric Key Fob

Jennifer Paganelli Fabrics

Jennifer Paganelli Fabric Key Fob

So just the other day, I got a wonderful surprise in the mail! I couldn't believe my eyes, I was so excited. I was buried in Jennifer Paganelli Sis Boom Fabric Scraps. Meaning only one thing, new key fobs. I couldn't believe my eyes... Jennifer Paganelli made my day, no, my week by sending me that special box of goodies.