Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a great idea!

The other day I received an order for embroidered Key Fobs. Little did I know that my customer came up with a brilliant idea!! She was helping to decorate the table that she would be sitting at along with 7 other people for a particular event. Instead of using plain white name cards to inform everyone else of where they would be seated, she used embroidered Key Fobs! I thought this was a great idea. This would be something that the other people would be able to bring home with them and every time they looked at the new Key Fob they received, they would think of that special event.

The pictures I have are ones that I set up at my home to try to picture what they would look like as name cards. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Key Fobs

So today I was out at one of the craft stores and ran across a few Christmas Ribbons. I could not help but buy them and race home to make a few Key Fobs out of them!! One of the ribbons is a sweet green snowflake and the other is an adorable Gingerbread design.

I sent my mom the pictures of the new Key Fobs that I made and she said she might just have to have a basket of them by the front door to give to anyone who stops by around the Holidays!