Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Just when my key fob business was picking up and I felt like I had the whole "money issue" under control, classes are starting next week. I just got back from the bookstore a little while ago. I was able to purchase one book online through amazon, but the rest had to be purchased through the local bookstore. Why must books be so expensive for college!?! I am taking 6 classes, 18 credits this semester. This leave me with paying for 9 different books. I don't understand how a used textbooks that are not even that large can cost over seventy dollars!

Anyway, enough about my books and school..

Onto the next important issue. Coming up in the week or so, my etsy store will have hit it's one year mark! How exciting. I can not believe it has been open a year already. Thank you to my great customers. I hope to keep this shop up and running for much longer. I am glad that etsy has given me the opportunity to create and sell my products. So, be on the lookout, in the next week I will be posting about my shops "1 year birthday sale". :)

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