Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hi, and thank you for stopping by to visit my blog. As the year progresses you will see posts about many topics, including my business, my family, and plenty of pictures of the family dog, Ramsey.

A little bit about me. My name is Corri, I live in Orlando and am attending The University of Central Florida. I am currently entering my fourth year, pursuing a major in Public Administration and Non-Profit Management. Upon graduating I hope to work for a few years with a nonprofit agency. Once saving up some money, I hope to open my own nonprofit dog rescue group. As you will be able to tell once I start posting on my blog, I absolutely LOVE dogs. Hmm…What else. Well that is a picture of me and my boyfriend of over two years. He is a good sport and likes to check out all the new Key Fobs I make, or at least he acts like he does! LOL. Also, I grew up with a mom who loves to sew and is very artistic, she gave me idea to start making key fobs. Since then I have loved creating them!

About my business. I have been making Key Fobs for a little under a year. I really enjoy being able to create my own pieces of work and design them however I feel is cute. I do offer wholesale prices and custom orders. Actually I LOVE making custom orders.
If you have any questions about me or my business always feel free to ask!

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