Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wish I had a Kindle, IPad or Ereader of some type!

There are many things I would LOVE to have if I had a little extra spending money. One of those things I might have to add to the list is Kindle. Or an IPad for that matter. :) My mom and I have been making cute and funky kindle covers lately to sell on etsy. I have a "fake" kindle that I use to take picture and match the correct size. And seeing how cute the kindle looks in the fun, funky and cute kindle cases makes me want one! Now I must say, I am in college. This is my last semester. I am a little busy reading school books for now, but I promise if I can afford a Kindle one I will do my part and read read read! :) After all, I make key fobs and use one for myself, and I make Kindle covers, so shouldn't I be using one for myself? Be sure to take a peak at PuppyDogsNPolkaDots and let me know what you think of our newest venture in the handmade world with these handmade funky kindle covers!

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