Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sloppy Joes....No longer out of a can!

Never in my long long life...21 years haha...guess not so long...did I even think to make sloppy joes that were not made from a can! I am always reading different recipes and stories on The Pioneer Woman's Blog and saw a recipe for Sloppy Joes made from scratch and decided to give it a try the other night. I must say, it was pretty tasty! I actually used ground turkey to make it a little healthier for us. And according to the Boyfriend, it was much better compared to the sloppy joe sauce from a can! Anyway, here is my adventure in making the sloppy joes...I suggest giving it a try.

Ground Turkey cooking away...tastes just as good as beef to me! Added a little bit of onion to give it good flavor!

A few of the spices I used from the recipe. Added all of the ingredients....ready to season it up!

Looks tasty right? That is what I thought...then I had to wait 15 minutes while it simmered until I was able to try it! While I was waiting...just had to stop to show you how cute my Eco friendly napkins are :) ... Thanks mom!

I was excited to toast my hamburger buns using my panini press....if only you knew how obsessed I was with this thing. I got it for Christmas...but had wanted one since...well I cannot remember when I didn't want one! I was surprised when I opened this gift from my parents, I had no idea my mom picked this out for me!!

Toasting the Buns.

Al Finished.

Final product with a few salt and vinegar kettle cooked chips! My not be a fancy meal...but definitely is a tasty one!! I highly recommend it.

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