Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I have been doing all day...

I am exhausted, but happy for the business! Had a few larger orders toward the end of the week, so I wanted to make them and ship them before the week is over. Needless to say, I have been sewing sewing sewing all day!! :) And now I want a new Key Fob for myself after making all these cute new ones! Many of these new ones are in the process of being listed on etsy @ PuppyDogsNPolkaDots.Etsy.Com.

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Jacky said...

Hey! I'm just stopping by from Etsy It Up; thanks so much for sponsoring a giveaway. I'm really hoping to win. =)

Oh, and I just wanted to tell you--that third picture of the key fob? I'm wearing a skirt made out of the very same fabric today! I found it on sale at joann's a while ago and made a skirt. I just thought it was funny. =) It's adorable fabric!

Jacky at {This Time Around}